Essential services

Filtermation (Mfg) Sdn Bhd (268775-T) supplies essential air and water treatment, filtration and HVAC equipment to medical facilities and vital infrastructure around the world.

Filtermation manufactures equipment used in various essential services, such as food and beverage manufacturing, as well as air ventilation for healthcare facilities and hospitals.

Case Studies

Food Manufacturing International Healthcare
Water Filtration
Medical Comfort & HVAC
Food Manufacturing Filters

Food & Beverage

Using Filtermation water and oil filters under the brand Pureflo, manufacturers are able to produce high quality food and beverage products consistently and efficiently.

Providing better quality water. Pureflo water filters provide superior particle removal efficiency. 

Specialising in industrial & residential liquid filter systems, water filters are made with FDA approved materials, providing innovative solutions for all types of filtration and purification requirements.

Service to a Major International Food Supplier

Proud supplier to Wilmar, a global portfolio of consumer products including edible oils, rice, wheat flour, noodles, sauces, condiments, margarine, sugar, chocolates and plant-based protein.

Wilmar’s subsidiary, Goodman Fielder, is a leading regional food company across Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific and are the world’s largest producer of consumer pack edible oils with leading positions in many Asian and African countries, renowned for their quality and many have won awards in their respective markets.


Using Filtermation equipment in healthcare facilities and hospitals, projects are able to be completed on-schedule and with a high degree of reliability.

Filtermation understands the high standards of performance required for climate control systems in medical facilities. Continual advances in medical technology require the best in temperature monitoring, precise control, and reliable clean air distribution.

In any building the climate control system needs to ensure a comfortable environment for occupants, and there is no place where occupants can benefit more from comfort than a hospital.

Fiona Stanley Hospital, Perth, Western Australia

Opened in October 2014, the Fiona Stanley Hospital is the largest construction project ever commissioned by the WA Government.

RM6.2 Billion

Project Value

783 Beds

and 6,400 rooms, general emergency and speciality services

Filtermation’s HVAC duct was chosen to distribute air throughout the complex architectural building because of the products’ combination of superior insulation and fire compliance. With less temperature gain/loss in void spaces and better transference to rooms, the high levels of efficiency reduce ongoing costs and ensure comfort. Meeting all required standards, the product remains independently fire rating certified.

Comfort for patients in up to 783 beds and an army of hospital staff within the 6,400 room building was a major priority when the initial specifications were being considered. Equal to this was safety to meeting relevant fire rating compliances of paramount importance.

Sunshine Coast University Hospital, Queensland, Australia

When the Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) opened, it revolutionised healthcare on the Sunshine Coast.

RM5.6 Billion

Project Value

582 Beds, 900+ After 2021

Vital Air and Climate Control

Filtermation’s Australian business, Polyaire,  worked with the architects and building consultants from the early stages of the project. After forging initial positive business relationships we were able to demonstrate we could offer competitive pricing, superior product made in Malaysia such as a wide range of grilles and other products to choose from. We were able to work with the architects in making the best design choice for their greater vision.

For specialist areas of the hospital, such as clean rooms and operating theatres, our capabilities helped to deliver stainless steel grilles built to exact technical standards.

At the request of the construction engineers we ran internal quality controls to ensure we supplied faultless products, which along with our tightly managed logistical capabilities made sure the customer received what they needed, when they needed it and there was no down time experienced by them on site. Given the size and scale of the project, the fact it ran so smoothly for everyone involved in the climate control systems part of the project, it is a testament to Filtermation’s  commitment to quality, competitive pricing, delivery on time and customer service.