Filtermation (Mfg) Sdn Bhd

An international manufacturer of quality equipment and machinery for HVAC systems supplying insulated flexible ducting, air grilles and vents, and fittings. As an established global exporter, Filtermation strives to ensure our competitiveness in numerous international markets.

Filtermation is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of ducting equipment for HVAC systems in S.E Asia.

Manufacturing and Distribution of HVAC  Machinery and Equipment

Part of the Nordin Technologies Group, Filtermation manufactures and distributes machinery and equipment for the leading Australian HVAC Systems brand, Polyaire.

HVAC Machinery + Equipment
Flexible Duct
HVAC Dampers + Fittings
Air Grilles + filters

Founded in Malaysia in 1977, Filtermation’s integrated manufacturing and distribution hub offers a unique range of HVAC equipment to strengthen our position as a leading export company.

We support our customers with a cohesive product range and seek to be a trusted partner in the HVAC global value chain. We add value by providing responsive customer service, advanced supply chain data analytics, and continuous R&D investments into the future of HVAC equipment and machinery.

As key businesses of the Nordin Technologies Group, Filtermation and Polyaire continue to grow their presence in numerous global markets, such as Australia, New Zealand, and United Kingdom.

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